When to Start Sippy Cup for Breastfed Baby


Some babies would insist on breastfeeding, but you can see courage on their eyes to jump into a sippy cup. When your baby only depends upon your breast milk through breastfeeding, you may feel that it is an unconquerable struggle in your life.

when to start sippy cup for breastfed baby

But there is also a positive side of that. You should congratulate yourself because you are a great breastfeeding mom.

You are too great that even quitting the breastfeeding session with both of you and your child is very hard to compare on what you think.

But before you lose your hope on conquering this struggle, take a look at the following tips that you can do to solve your problem. Plenty of mothers will thank this article for giving them the tips they are waiting for.

Do you want to know all of these tips to start your baby to use a sippy cup instead of your breast? Let us begin. Keep on reading.

Tips to Start a Sippy Cup for your Breastfed Baby

Before you start doing the tips you will read below, the first thing that you should know is that all babies are well prepared to use sippy cups but at different age or level.

Some of the babies in the age of six months are already using sippy cups. But other babies don’t display any interest to use sippy cups not until they turn to one or two years old.

#1 Try to Purchase a Breast-like Type of Sippy Cup

It’s true that your adorable baby is dependent and used to the scent of your breast and also its texture. This could be a big adjustment for your baby to use a different sippy cup that differs a lot compared to your breast.

But try to search for a breast-like sippy cup that is similar to the texture and size of your breast for them not be able to know that it is a sippy cup.

#2 Get several Types of Sippy Cups

Before you buy a specific sippy cup, it is best for you to a small pack of sippy cups that consists of several types of sippy cups.

This way, you will be able to know which sippy cup your baby wants to use. The worst scene is that you already purchased lots of similar sippy cups and later on your child discovers that it is the same sippy cup and started to hate using it.

You will waste lots of your money purchasing that kind of sippy cup that will not work for your child.

#3 Try Not to Lose your Patience

Some mothers lost their patience when their babies didn’t do what they want them to do. But hold your patience because there is no easy work for your baby.

All things need enough time to learn.

But if your baby doesn’t want to use sippy cup forever, let him, or she is. The time will come that your baby will prefer to use sippy cups instead of sucking your breast.


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