What to Do if Breastmilk is not Coming In


Having enough supply of breastmilk is important for this plays a big role in insuring the baby’s ultimate good nutrition. But there are instances that mothers experience a scenario wherein breastmilk is not coming in.

what to do if breastmilk is not coming in

Good thing is that, there are steps that they can do that can certainly help their breastmilk come in sooner. What to do if breastmilk is not coming in are as follows:

  1. Immediate Skin-to-Skin


Mothers must stay skin to skin with their babies the moment they were born. They can do these the rest of the day. If you have a baby, make sure to get a lot of skin to skin contact. Doing this help your milk comes in. This also gives your mil supply a boost.


  1. Nursing Within First Hour of Birth


The very first hour of birth is referred to as the “golden hour”. This is the phase where the levels of oxytocin are at its highest. Skin to skin and breastfeeding within this first hour is known to promote mother and child binding and also gives mothers the opportunity of successful breastfeeding a real boost.


  1. Breastfeeding 24 Hours


Newborn babies want to breastfeed 24/7 literally. This is normal and there is really no need to panic. Nursing more frequently is known as “cluster feeding” and this will greatly help in your milk supply.


  1. Drink Pineapple Juice


Some find this option strange but bringing pineapple juice into the hospital helps with milk coming in. Also, this juice is said to be anti-inflammatory and help treat or prevent clogged ducts. So, mothers are advised to bring some bottles of pineapple juice into the hospital and drink one to two bottles per day for first few days upon birth.


  1. Eating Lactation Cookies


Eating lactation cookies or oatmeal-raisin lactation bars is also another thing that you can do if breastmilk is not coming in. If you are undergoing a C section, it helps to eat these before the procedure. Packing lactation cookies will provide you with something to eat the moment you are allowed to eat solid foods again.


  1. Massage


Breast massage is a brilliant thing to do if breastmilk is not coming in. The mother can do it themselves while nursing the baby or in between the nursing sessions. This will help a lot when breastmilk is not coming in.

These are the things you can do if breastmilk is not coming in. Try executing these ways so that you can work on giving your milk supply a boost. In such way, you can be sure that your little bundle of joy has enough milk supply. Having good supply of breastmilk also means that the child will get proper nutrition which is vital for his growth and development.

Many mothers these days follow the above mentioned list of things to do when breastmilk is not coming in. Apparently, almost all of those following thee methods or suggested ways succeed in boosting their milk supply.


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