What Pregnancy Test is Best for Early Detection?


Pregnancy tests are used to determine whether a woman is pregnant or not. Markers are commonly found in urine and blood.

what pregnancy test is best for early detection

Pregnancy tests need proper sampling of any of these given substances. Though this might seem easy enough, women have to be reminded that not all pregnancy tests guarantees equal quality. There are also various things that women should learn especially how these tests work before purchasing a kit.

Unveiling the Type of Pregnancy Test that Works the Earliest

There are many different types of pregnancy tests available today but the following are considered the best for early detection:

  • First Response & Manual Tests

These can somehow be the most sensitive tests available in the market but can quickly detect hCG-h. This is the type of hCG that women tend to produce earlier in their pregnancy.

Truth is, utilizing these tests, you can quickly find out 6 days before your expected period if you are pregnant or not. The tests are able to effectively work early on pregnancy since these detect hCG at 12.5 mlU/ml and at times, as low as 6.5 mlU/ml.

First Response can detect level of pregnancy hormone in about 96% of pregnant women within four days prior to the expected period and also in 99% pregnant women within 3 days prior to their expected period.


  • Clearblue Easy & EPT

These tests are less sensitive as compared to manual tests and First Response but are more sensitive as compared to the other tests in the market.

The sensitivity of easiest and earliest results of Clearblue is measured at about 25mlU/ml.

These have about 80% success rate in terms of early detection. So this means to say that First Response and manual test are not the only tests that are best for early detection.


How Can You Get the Most Accurate Results?

To get the most accurate result, you should wait until you’ve missed a period before testing. Nevertheless, this does not really mean that you will not get positive results prior to the period that you have missed.

Faint line remains a positive line and the lower the sensitivity, the earlier the test detects the pregnancy.

For women who wanted to know if they are pregnant or not, waiting can certainly be hard. It is for this reason that early detection pregnancy tests were designed.

These can be used a week before your missed period or about 5 to 6 days before the start of your expected period.

Pregnancy is a very important period in a woman’s life and it’s best if pregnancy is detected early on. With the help of pregnancy test for early detection, women can now determine if they are pregnant or not easily and quickly.

Getting results is also guaranteed accurate and this is crucial since pregnancy test is something that should not go wrong.

So if you want accurate early results, use the best pregnancy test for early detection. You can consider the options mentioned above.


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