What Cold Medicine Can I Take While Nursing-What Every Nursing Mom Should Know


After long months of pregnancy, a woman’s body becomes her own again. She can eat her favorite sushi, drink some wine and treat aches and pains with variety of medications. But for those who are breastfeeding, this is not the case.

what cold medicine can i take while nursing

Remember that whatever you take is also taken by your baby so if you develop common cold, is there possible harm for your baby if you take cold medicines?

Before you try anything, make sure to figure out if you really have cold. This can escalate to more serious problem if not treated properly but you need to think about the safety and welfare of your baby.

To find out if particular cold medicine for cold is safe to take, read on.

Is it Really Safe to Acetaminophen while Nursing?  

Acetaminophen, a type of medicine usually found in Tylenol has actually been well-studied in breastfeeding mothers. Very minimal amount of this drug actually pass through the breast milk. This is not enough to affect the baby and does not really affect production of milk. As a result, this is considered safe to take during breastfeeding.

Can You Take Decongestants and Antihistamines While Nursing?

Antihistamines are safe for nursing women according to physician but this medicine is often prescribed for rashes and other post-partum issues. Antihistamines might decrease production of milk and if you are worried and bothered by milk supply, individuals can resort to nasal decongestants. Many women can overcome colds with this.

Can You Take Cough Syrups while Nursing?

Cough syrups are not really recommended while nursing. There are active ingredients found in cough syrups which may be proven effective but can lower milk supply. There are also ingredients that can harm the baby.

Can You Take Aspirin while Nursing?

Aspirin should be avoided because this may cause Reye’s syndrome in babies with particular viral infections. This is the same reason why aspirin is not really recommended even for kids and teenagers.

Cold Medicines & Breastfeeding-Check with your Trusted Doctor

If you are breastfeeding, do not just take any medication including those common cold medicines especially if you do not check these with your baby’s pediatrician and of course your obstetrician. Even if the side effects are minimal, it still best to be mindful and conservative when taking cold and cough medicines while breastfeeding.

Experts suggest that mothers should take just few doses as much as possible and then space them out while still dealing with or managing the symptoms.

Do not causally take medicines every two hours to ward these symptoms off. Take safe medicines that you need without overdoing it for you and your baby’s sake.

When nursing, mothers suffering from cold should ensure that they only take medicines for cold that is proven safe and effective.

The safety of the baby and its well-being is the utmost priority so for breastfeeding moms, seek help from medical expert before taking any medication to ensure that there will be no serious effects to the mother and the baby.


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