What Can I Do To Increase My Milk Supply-Essential Tips to Follow


Some mothers sometimes think that they have low power supply which is actually not the case. If the baby is gaining weight perfectly well with breastmilk alone, then there is no problem with your milk supply. But for babies who are not really gaining weight with breastmilk, then there might be problem with breastmilk supply.

what can i do to increase my milk supply

Possible Causes of Low Supply of Milk

There are things that are known to contribute or cause low or poor milk supply such as:

  • Bottle preference
  • Supplementing
  • Nipple shields
  • Pacifiers
  • Scheduled feedings
  • Anatomical or health problems with baby such as tongue-tie, jaundice and more
  • Health of the breastfeeding mom and more..

Tips to Increase Milk Supply

Milk production is viewed as a demand and supply process. If you want to increase your milk supply, it is crucial to know how milk is actually made. Taking time to understand this thing will help you do the right ways to increase milk supply.

The following are things that nursing moms can do to increase their milk supply:

  • Ensure that the baby is being fed efficiently. This covers “remove more milk” aspect of increasing the production of milk. If milk isn’t effectively removed from the mother’s breast, then the supply of milk tends to decrease. If the latch and the positioning are off, the baby is perhaps not transferring the milk efficiently.


  • Use of nipple shields, sleepy baby and various anatomical and health problems in babies can interfere with the ability of the baby to transfer milk. If the baby isn’t transferring milk pretty well, then it’s highly imperative for mothers to express milk after or between nursing in order to maintain more supply of milk while at the same time breastfeeding issues are being addressed.


  • Another way to increase your milk supply is to nurse frequently as long as the baby is nursing actively. If your baby is having some weight issues, try nursing at least every 1 and a half or two hours during day time every 3 hours at night at least.


  • Take some nursing vacation. Take your baby with you to bed at for at least 2 to 3 days and do nothing else but nurse your baby.


  • Avoid bottles and pacifiers as much as possible. All the sucking needs of the baby must be met at breast. If temporary supplement is required medically, this can be given with nursing supplement or through, cup, dropper or spoon.


  • As breastfeeding mom, you must take care of yourself to ensure that you have enough or more milk supply. You need to get enough sleep, relax and embrace healthy diet.


  • Breastfeeding moms can also consider pumping to increase their milk supply. This can be very helpful especially if the baby is not nursing efficiently. This can also speed up things in different situations.


If you are a breastfeeding mom who wanted to increase your milk supply, the tips mentioned above can help you accomplish your goal.


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