What Bottles Are Best For Breastfed Babies


Well, breastmilk is always the right option for your baby right?  You want your newborn baby to be healthy and sound, don’t you?

what bottles are best for breastfed babies

But even if you pump your breastmilk and feed your baby it is really important to use bottles as you can feed your baby for a long time process. Yes!

So, choosing the best bottle is very much important. Your baby must love taking milk with it and you also want the bottle to be very handy.

Are you confused about choosing the best option? No worry! You are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss it. We are only here to help you out!

Well, there are some aspects while choosing the bottle. Just grab some idea about it.

  • The baby should feel comfortable with it.
  • There should be correct air passage so that it won’t create colic. You don’t want your baby to face any problem right?
  • There should be proper cleaning and also good maintenance with the baby. So bottles are very handy when you are running out of time.

So, there are some options for selecting the right bottle. Go ahead and check it out.

  1. Selecting Glass Bottles:


  • If you give proper attention, these are more safe and durable.
  • There is no problem with leaching chemicals.
  • For clarity, glass is the best option.


  • There is a risk for breaking when the baby is around and it may lead to injury.
  • Since glass is heavily weighted, it will become more heavy with the milk and there will be little bit problem in handling by the baby!
  • It will need high maintenance while washing, you must be a responsible person while feeding the baby.
  1. Selecting Plastic Bottles:


  • It has a lightweight, strong and affordable.
  • It doesn’t break but can be harmful by leaching chemicals. Look for the safe bottles and you will need to change it in a regular interval.
  • It will be a good option if you choose the bottle which is recyclable and having low energy.


  • There will be an increase in leaching while washing with a dishwasher.
  • The glass bottle is better as you compare it with the plastic bottles.
  1. Selecting Disposable Bottles:


  • These are convenient since they don’t need cleaning.
  • Friendly using while traveling.


  • The inner liners are also plastic and can face leaching.
  • You can find some difficulties in pumping and storing milk while traveling.
  • These can be quite expensive and a long process.

It will be always good if you choose for 150ml bottles for the newborn at the starting. And if you feel you need more according to the baby’s appetite you can increase it to 250ml.

Selecting the bottle for the same brand with the breast pump will be more effective.

Heating and storing the milk in the same bottle helps in reducing any kind of infection.


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