What Age does a Child Start to Lose Baby Teeth?


It is wonderful yet undesirable if your child starts to lose his or her baby teeth. There are some children who will begin to lose their baby teeth at an early age as early as 3 years old.

What Age does a Child Start to Lose Baby Teeth

But most of the babies lose their baby teeth when they are at the age of 4 to 6 years old. Other children are also not able to get their so-called Tooth Fairy when they are at the age of 7 years old. Your kid is the only one who will know first if their baby teeth are starting to lose because they can feel like their teeth are moving.

Some children will be happier if they have a wiggling tooth and they will probably show it to you as soon as possible.

When your child tries to show you his or her wiggling teeth, take a look at it and let yourself be prepared if you are a type of squeamish person.

Talking to Your Kids About Losing Baby Teeth

Yes, it is okay for your child to enjoy the first loose tooth. They will enjoy it by playing with it. But other kids will probably love moving their loose teeth with their tongue while still inside their mouth.

But make sure that your child will wash both of her or his hands before putting it inside their mouth to avoid infections.

Your children will surely be happier if they knew that their parents would not interfere with pulling their lose teeth.

Since the parents know that their loose tooth will fall naturally if her child will eat the meal or when he was usually wiggling it and absentmindedly found out that it falls out of his or her mouth.

But when your child is done on losing his or her baby teeth, they will now have their permanent tooth, and once their permanent tooth gets broke, the help of their parents is needed.

Child Tooth Bleeding

With the help of the parents, the new tooth will not be damaged by the old tooth. If your child starts wiggling their permanent broken tooth again, it might bring them an additional form of the new tooth.

Wash your hand and use a sheet of gauze before pulling the damaged tooth out of your child’s mouth. You need to have a piece of gauze for a small amount of blood might occur.

If you don’t have enough knowledge on pulling your child’s broken teeth correctly, try to go to the nearest dentist you know and let them do the work of pulling out the damaged tooth of your child.


Your baby can lose their baby teeth at the age of 3 to 5 years old. They will surely enjoy wiggling they lose a tooth for it gave happy feeling inside their mouth.

For some babies, once they turn into a teenager, they will be afraid of wiggling their damage tooth for they will feel the pain of losing their tooth.

They will surely go to their dentist to have anesthesia to reduce the pain they will feel once the dentist will pull it out.


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