What Does Teething Rash Look Like?


What is cuter than a baby that is growing some teeth in between the age of 6 months to 24 months? Babies are certainly adorable, especially the ones who have teeth growing. However, there are some other things that come along with the teeth.

what does teething rash look like

We all know that the new teeth will have some amount of drool in it. This drool can sometimes be an irritation to the skin of the baby.

In most cases, the babies suffer from a rash due to this and this is known as the drool rash or the teething rash.

This rash happens to the baby because there is constant wetness, saliva, and food particles in which might cause severe irritation to the skin of the baby. Apart from that, these components combined with the skin contact that the baby has with others while clothing, hugging, and other activities, might cause the teething rash.

How Does One Identify A Teething Rash

Babies generally have drool a lot and that too during the first 2 important years of their lives. However, the period where they drool the most is between the ages of 4 months and 6 months. Well, they will be able to develop the teething rash.

However, this doesn’t say for certain that the teeth of the baby will start appearing.

The main areas where the teething rash might occur are chin, cheeks, chest, and neck.

In case the baby is using a particular pacifier, you might also get to see some amount of drool accumulated on the pacifier as well.

It is important to identify the teething rash and for that, the people need to know about the symptoms of the rash. Well, to be honest, some of the common symptoms include drooling, rashes.

Enhanced chewing of objects and toys, pain in the gums etc.

Do babies develop a fever when teething?

One more thing that people need to know is that teething doesn’t really cause fever in the baby. So, in case your baby is suffering from fever, more than usual then you need to go in and check with the doctor very soon.

Also, you need to make sure that the fever of the baby is not that worse when it comes to the issues.

The passive immunity that the babies get from the mothers often tends to fade away when they are around 6 months of age. So, this means that the baby might just be picking up germs all around. This can also sometimes lead to the formation of teething rash in the body.

So, it is really important that the parents take care of their babies during that time because it is a delicate time for the babies.

Often teething rash might look like measles, however, you shouldn’t be confused between both of them.

For treating the teething rash, there is a simple solution of Vaseline that you can easily use. So, go ahead and try that to protect your baby from the teething rash.

So, that is all that you need to know about the teething rash in the babies. Make sure to look for it when your baby comes of age.


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