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Nara was married to the footballer Maxi López from 28 May 2008 to 6 November 2013; Nara and López divorced after López accused Nara of cheating on him, but she accused López of repeated marital infidelity and the Argentine magistrates ruled in favor of López, assolving him from the charge of harassment against their home governess. López and Nara have three sons, Valentino Gastón López Nara (born on 25 January 2009), Constantino López Nara (born on 18 December 2010) and Benedicto López Nara (born on 20 February 2012). Nara (with 3 her sons) left Italy to return to Buenos Aires and began relationship with footballer Mauro Icardi, whom Nara knew during Icardi's friendship with López: during the April 2014 Serie A match between Lopez's Sampdoria and Icardi's Inter, López notably refused to shake Icardi's hand, leading the press to dub the game "Wanda derby". Nara and Icardi subsequently married on 27 May 2014, not long after the divorce of Nara from López (which was announced on 6 November 2013) was finalised, with a small ceremony in Buenos Aires and a big wedding party on June 7, 2014. Nara and Icardi have two daughters, Francesca (born on 19 January 2015) and Isabella (born on 27 October 2016). In addition, Nara is also Icardi's agent.