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In the present, Forrest reveals that he is waiting at the bus stop because he received a letter from Jenny, who asked him to visit her. The strangers say that the address on the letter is only a few blocks away, and Forrest immediately takes off. As Forrest is finally reunited with Jenny, she introduces him to their son, named Forrest Gump, Jr. Jenny tells Forrest she is sick with an unknown incurable virus, so Forrest has Jenny and Forrest Jr move back to Greenbow with him. Jenny and Forrest finally marry, with Lt. Dan serving as best man while wearing his new prosthetic legs. Sadly, Jenny is overcome by the virus and dies a year later. At her grave some time later, Forrest tells Jenny that he had her father's house bulldozed to the ground, and that little Forrest is doing well. The film ends with Forrest seeing his son off on his first day of school. Forrest notices that Jr has his Curious George book, as he wants to take it to school for show-and-tell. When Forrest opens the book, the white feather from the beginning of the film falls to the ground. He waves goodbye to Forrest Jr as the school bus leaves, and then sits down on a log as the wind blows and carries the feather back into the sky.