How to Wean a Breastfeed Baby at Night


Training your baby is one of the hardest tasks to do as a parent. Babies are also undergoing the adjustment stage which can be difficult to deal.

How to Wean a breastfed baby at night

But, first times are always the hardest. Once you learn the technique, you will eventually realize that it is not as complicated as you think.

For some mothers, weaning your baby at night when breastfeeding is a challenging journey of parenting. It may take weeks for your baby to get to used to it so, you have to be so patient.

Besides, it is the best time for you to wean our baby when he is six months old.

It is the period in which he can eat solid foods to sustain his nutrient needs and stay healthy despite reducing his breastfeeding at night time.

Then, do these tips gradually until you have managed it successfully.

The child can get hungry at night time. So, the first thing that you must do is to ensure that his stomach is full before he goes to sleep.

Let him eat foods that are rich in calories and other nutrients that he needs. In that way, he can still stay healthy even if you are going to eliminate or reduce the nighttime feedings. It is recommendable to give him milk every three hours and solid foods for three feedings at daytime.

Then, allowing your child to sleep alone at night time is another best practice. As he gets used to it, he would rather sleep than look for you to ask for breastmilk.

Breastfeeding at night Tips

It is also a great way to start reducing the ounces of milk that he takes at night. As we’ve mentioned, weaning is not an overnight process.

Make the breastfeeding time shorter and shorter each day. Don’t wait for him to sleep deeply before you stop the breastfeeding.

Instead, try to pat him until he goes back to sleep. It is a big problem for some mothers because they also sleep beside their babies. Investing for a crib is worth it. It will help him sleep independently, and weaning will be a lot easier as well.

Sometimes, letting the cry in the middle of the night can also help. Allow them to cry for about 30 minutes and then pat them to get him back to sleep.

Remember that the greater you’ll allow him to take a breastfeed every time he asks for it, the harder it will become for you to succeed in this process.

The child also has an instinct every time you give him what he wants. Besides, crying is a good exercise for his heart. Furthermore, he can easily fall asleep if he gets tired of crying.

Eventually, he can return to sleep without asking for food. You should expect that this process can cause a struggle for you for more than a week, but once you have trained him well, you’ll see that it is worth it.


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