How to Stop A Child from Biting at Daycare


Biting is a serious and frustrating behavior a child can have. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution on how to stop a child from biting a daycare.

how to stop a child from biting at daycare

Biting is a normal behavior or a phase for younger children and parents need to know this. Younger children normally bite whenever they are overtires, jealous, teething, angry, or frustrated.

They also bite to simply see what happens when they bite especially with younger toddlers and infants who might be experimenting and exploring their world.

Made sure not to overreact when your younger child bites or put something in his/her mouth as your child gets excited of the reaction if can bring.

Never do anything like putting anything in a child mouth, biting the child back, or physical punishing him/her. The best way to stop biting in the future is to observe your child carefully and plan for prevention.

Observe Biting Behaviors

If you child starts biting starts biting others, observe him/her carefully. Under what circumstances and when does this occur?

Hoes does your child react when he/she sees the person that got bitten is upset? Is biting worse as certain times of the day?

Who is the child biting?

By answering these questions, you can think of a solution on how to stop a child from biting at daycare.

Preventing Future Biting

#1 Keep the daily routine more predictable

Keeping predictable routines can help a child feel comfortable in daycare and can help to reduce the frustration and stress that most of the time lead to biting.

#2 Providing Close Supervision

Pay attention to situations wherein biting is most likely to happen and be sure to stay close to a child that bites. Be vigilant for problems and intervene immediately. It is helpful to assign an adult to shadow the child that bites. If in case that a child bites a specific child all the times, be sure to separate them.

#3 Reduce Frustrations from Sharing of Toys

Kids have difficulty of waiting or sharing with a toy. Made sure that there are plenty of toys and activities to do at the daycare. Whenever possible, make sure to have plenty of extra popular toys.

#4 Be Patient

Being patient and consistent is the key on how to stop a child biting at day care. When biting happens, tell the child that bites that it is not allowed, and it hurts. Try to teach the proper way of handling problems and encourage the him/her to make amends to the child that was bitten.


While biting is normal behavior to kids at daycare, with proper intervention, most toddlers will stop biting after a few weeks or even days. It is very important not to punish a toddler for biting.

For parents, when biting does not stop for a few days or weeks, you may want to consider that daycare is not good for your child.

Maybe is not structured enough or too structured. Maybe your toddler is too overwhelmed with so many kids in the room.

Just keep in mind that just because daycare is not good for your child does not mean it is not a good daycare. They might be doing right but it just doesn’t work for your child.


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