How to Relieve Hiccups Newborn


The quick closing of the vocal cords and the contraction of the diaphragm causes hiccups to babies and the rapid closing of the vocal cords is known to be the cause of the hiccup sound.

How to Relieve Hiccups Newborn

Hiccups can be bothering to adults, so many people assume that this is bothering for babies too. Although babies are not bothered with hiccups, getting rid of it is still a concern for parents.

You can get rid of hiccups in many ways like burp your baby, give him/her a pacifier, feed your bay with gripe water, and let the hiccups run their course.

  1. Burp Your Baby

Take a break from feeding and burp your baby as this can help to relieve hiccups. Burping can help relieve the excess gas in the diaphragm of the baby that may be causing the hiccups. Burping also helps as it puts your child in an upright position.

Doctors suggest if your baby is bottle-fed, burp your baby every two-three ounces. If your newborn is breastfed, you can burp him/her by switching breasts.

When burping your baby, gently pat or rub the back of your baby. Do not hit or slap this area roughly.

  1. Use Pacifier

Newborn hiccups do not always start from feeding. When your baby suddenly starts having hiccups, have him/her suck on a pacifier. Sucking on a pacifier can help to relax your baby’s diaphragm and the bout of hiccups.

  1. Let Hiccups Run Their Course

Most of the time, baby’s hiccups will stop on their own. If they are not bothering your child, then let them stop on their own. If you let them run their course and hiccups do not stop, then call your doctor for help. Although rare, hiccups can be sign or a serious medical problem.

  1. Use Gripe Water

If you see your baby is feeling discomfort because of hiccups, you can feed him/her with gripe water.

Gripe water is a mixture of water and herbs that many people believe to help cure colic and similar intestinal discomforts.

The herbs in gripe water may vary and can include fennel, ginger, cinnamon, and chamomile. Though is no medical proof that grip water can stop hiccups for babies, it has low health risk.

But before giving your baby with anything new like gripe water, try consulting your baby’s doctor first.

How to Prevent Hiccups

There are several ways to prevent episodes of hiccups in babies. But, it is hard to prevent hiccups on newborns completely since the causes are not clear.

Below are the most commonly used methods on how to prevent hiccups newborn.

  • Make sure that your baby is calm before you feed them. It means that you should not wait for your child to be so hungry that he/she is so upset and crying before feeding begins.
  • Avoid having heavy activity after feeding such as high-energy play or bouncing up and down.
  • Always keep your baby in an upright position after feeding.

Hiccups only come a concern when your baby is also agitated or upset during the its course. Try consulting your doctor as this can be a sign of a serious medical issue.


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