How to make oatmeal cereal for baby?


Who doesn’t like oatmeal, I mean who? It is the most eaten a healthy breakfast all over the world. Not only the kids but also the adults love it. But there comes a shocking fact that though many people love eating oatmeal not all of them know how to make it.

How to make oatmeal cereal for baby

The recipe becomes even important when you have to make the meal for the baby. You cannot take the risk while making it for babies as your baby is delicate and needs caring more than your experiments in food. If we got you scared then you do not have to be as this recipe is very simple to make and doesn’t take much time.

Reasons for making own food for baby

  • The process is extremely simple and takes as little time as 15 minutes.
  • The food prepared at home is healthy and is made by you under your own supervision.
  • It is also cost efficient and you can ensure quality.
  • The feeling of making something for your own baby cannot be matched when purchased from the market.

How to make it?

For making this you will need a total of 15 minutes out of which 5 minutes for preparation and remaining 10 minutes for cooking. You will need these ingredients-


  • First, take oats as per your babies need (we suggest ¼ cup) and grind them in the mixer till they haven’t turned into the fine particles.
  • Then you will need a cup of water (use the boiled water or the RO/UV water)
  • You can also add cinnamon which is optional

After gathering the above ingredients start following these steps and you will have oatmeal ready for your baby by the end of it.

Here are the steps

  • First, boil the water in saucepan to at a very normal temperature.
  • Now, add the ground oats in it, make sure they are grinded in a proper way.
  • Now, reduce the heat to sim and let your oats cook for about 10 minutes.
  • If you are adding cinnamon then it is the time.
  • After every ingredient is added turn off the burner and keep the cooked meal in the fridge for cooling.
  • You can also add breast milk while serving as the meal will start getting thicker as the time will pass and your oats start to cool.


The main reason for adding cinnamon is to give baby exposure to little taste of spices. One should also know that the homemade cereal is less in iron.

If your baby is 6 months or older and also breastfed properly iron becomes a very important factor in the food. You do not have to worry or think that homemade cereals will give fewer nutrients to the baby as there are ample of ways through which you can add iron in your food.

This is the complete recipe of oatmeal for babies with what that should be added and what things should be avoided. If you still have some doubts feel free to contact us. After all, taking a chance with your baby is not a wise decision.


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