How to help baby poop with massage?


There are many reasons for colic causes; some of the common things include stomach gas, poor burping or milk flow issues. This cause the baby feels great discomfort.

How to help baby poop with massage

This makes the baby with sudden severe, unexplained crying that last almost three hours a day. At the final stage of colic, the days are worse for few weeks, during this time baby’s cry and fuss for more than three days a week.

It’s very persistent for the parents when the babies cry. It can tiger the relationship stress and even breastfeeding failure.

When it comes to baby bowel movement you can easily look at the signs of constipation. These are the things that include crying before a poo, dray, and poo less than three bowel movements in a week.

This cause baby in pain and your baby will also feel the effect of the bowel.

Baby massage for colic and constipation

Constipation and colic always trigger the baby and you’re panicked you towards the doctor with a bag of medicines. But here there are many things that can be done to help your baby.

Some of the simple steps of the message for colic and constipation are:


  • Place your little baby lying down position, with his body facing towards you.


  • Think of his stomach facing clockwise face with 12 at the top of his stomach and 6 clocks towards the groin and 3 and 9 at the sides.


  • Slant in the use with the help of your figure tips and gently circle the baby head. Make some eye contact and just looks at all the signs and signals which make your baby happy and then proceed with the message.


  • Take baby oil and place an amount the size of a small coin in your palm. Rub your hands with oil and coin together and create heat especially all around your fingers.


  • Place your right hand across and baby stomach and then gently smooth the hand downwards, groin and then lifting the hand clear. Make sure that you repeat the motion again with the other hand till you get the water wheel motion. This helps you in establishing the first contact of motion firm but gentle.


  • Next step is to place your figure together in the center of your baby stomach and slide with your hand towards the baby waist, keep this action very gentle and firm.


  • Starts the sun motion again, with the help of your left hand, finds 7 o clock positions with flat on your palm and then rubs in a circle all over your stomach, ending back towards 7 o clock.


  • Then one should move towards the crescent moon motion, with the help of your right hand start from 12 o clock and then move around ending to 6 o clocks.


  • Now combine both the tricks together, sun and crescent moon motions. With the help of your left hand do the suns motion again? With the help of right hand do the moon’s motion simultaneously?


These are some of the basics massages that will help you baby poop with massage.



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