The Best Ways to Heat Up Frozen Milk


For first time parents, doing some mom tasks could be daunting. Aside from making sure that your child is safe, you also need to find means to save money without compromising the health of your baby.

how to heat up frozen breast milk

One of the best ways to keep your kid healthy is to feed him with breast milk. He can get complete nutrients from this milk during his early stage of development.

In some instance, you need to work for a living. So, it is essential to pump all the milk that you can before you report for work.

Freezing it can preserve it for many hours while you are away. This method is safe to do, but your baby will not appreciate it. He is likely to enjoy warm breast milk than the cold one.

Of course, you do not want to heat the frozen milk using a microwave oven because it can get too hot for him and you have to wait for an hour to ensure that it is safe for him to consume.

Worry no more because there are easy-to-follow methods that you can do to heat the frozen milk.


  • Before you freeze the milk, make sure that you store them in batches. The amount should be just enough for the baby to consume, so there is no spoil. Move it to the refrigerator the night before you need to use it. The milk will melt for about 12 hours.
  • You may also thaw it in running water while holding the bag. Wait for the milk to melt completely. The purpose of thawing is to ensure that the liquid is evenly dissolved before heating it. It can also prevent you from shaking the milk to prevent it from getting spoiled.
  • Another alternative is to place the milk in a clean bowl and leave it at room temperature. Wait for it to melt for two hours. Make sure not to leave it longer than the suggested period to prevent it from getting spoiled.


  • After thawing the milk, you can then heat it by placing it in a bowl with lukewarm water for a few minutes. You can remove it when it already reaches the body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. It is best to follow this level because babies are most likely to enjoy warm milk.
  • You may also use a bottle warmer for a faster method. Some of it are handy if you need to bring your kid on vacation.

Avoid using a microwave oven if you wish to use it right away. Too much heat can kill the nutritional properties that the milk contains. Aside from that, it will also be inconvenient for you to wait for it to cool before you can give it to your baby.

Now, you have it! The simple ways to heat your breast milk are right at your fingertips. Follow these guidelines, and your baby will undoubtedly enjoy his food. Make these steps as a good start to provide the nutrients that your kiddo needs.


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