How to Heal Diaper Rash from Diarrhea


It will really melt our heart if our baby gets sick. Aside from the sleepless nights that we will spend to watch over him, we can’t also wait to find the best solution to make him feel well.

How to Heal Diaper Rash from Diarrhea

One of the struggles of moms is when the child suffers from diarrhea. He may get better after taking a medicine, but that illness can also have an after-effect.

That problem could lead to diaper rash. It is characterized by redness and waxy patches of the bottom of the infant.

Diarrhea can cause that area to become frequently wet which may damage the skin of the baby.

His skin is yet thin and sensitive, so he is likely to develop a diaper rash whenever his bottom is always damp.

It can be extremely painful for the baby to have it. So, it is essential to know the best solution that will soothe him and reduce his suffering.

As a first-time parent, it is understandable if you don’t know how to get started.

Here are the practical ways that can help him feel better.

  • Make sure that your hands are clean before you do the process to prevent the bacteria from worsening the problem.
  • Clean the area with a baby wipe. Use only products that are proven to be hypoallergenic. Avoid using those that have fragrance because it may contain harsh chemicals. Do not use alcohol because it can cause a burning sensation that will surely make your child scream. You may use a cleanser that is designed for this purpose, too. Make sure to do it gently because it can increase the pain. Also, too much rubbing can irritate his bottom.
  • Then, dry it with a clean cloth. Pat the towel gently instead of rubbing it because it can damage the skin of the baby even more.
  • After cleaning the area, use your fingertips to get a small amount of diaper rash cream. If you are unsure of what product to use, you can ask a pediatrician for a prescription. He can recommend a cream or ointment that is made of natural ingredients to ensure that it won’t irritate the skin.
  • Hold the legs of your baby upwards. Dab the cream gently into the affected area. Then, let it stay to dry for a while before putting on the diaper again.


If possible, you can use a clean cloth diaper to wrap your baby’s bottom instead of a disposable diaper. It is practical to do if you’ll only stay at the house.

Those that are made of cotton will allow the affected area to breathe and stay dry. For some reasons,  the material of the disposable diaper can prevent the fast healing of the rashes.

Do these steps after each bowel movement as a preventative measure. Sometimes, you still have to apply cream to prevent the diaper rash.

You also need to change your baby’s diaper every time it gets wet. Just remember these tips so can deal with this problem easily.


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