How to Get Rid of an Overtired Newborn to Sleep


An overtired newborn may not feel comfortable in almost anything that you do so getting him/her to sleep can be a challenge. If you’re baby is often having problems sleeping or staying asleep, you may want to seek help from your physician.

how to get an overtired newborn to sleep

For occasional overtiredness, several tips are available to help you get your baby to fall asleep. So how to get rid of an overtired newborn to sleep in the future is to put him/her to sleep once you see signs that your infant is feeling sleepy.

Here are simple tips that you can do at home to make sure that your baby falls asleep regardless of how tired he/she is.

  1. Use Soothing Methods

How to get an overtires newborn to sleep cane begin at your baby’s usual bedtime routine. If our child is used to a bedtime routine, then going through it can help. For an instance, if you normally read stories to your baby during bedtime at 7 pm, then you can do that or other routine activity like this.

  1. Feed Your Child

Feeding your baby in a regular feeding routine or a short bedtime eating can help your child to soothe him/her to sleep. Try breastfeeding or giving your child a bottle before bedtime and see if this will help.

Unless your child is a newborn, avoid feeding him/her before bedtime at all the times. This can cause link feeding with sleeping and will make your child expect to get milk each time he/she wakes up at night.

  1. Try Giving Your Newborn A Bath

A bath, especially warm is a good addition to your baby’s bedtime routine. It can help your overtired child to relax and calm down. You can give your baby a warm bath with a soothed lavender scented warm water.

  1. Always Check Your Baby’s Diaper

If your child’s diaper is wet, then it surely prevents him/her from falling asleep. Check the diaper before bedtime. If he/she wakes up at the middle of the sleep, do not change the diaper if to doesn’t need to be changed since it may further irritate your overtired newborn.

  1. Singing or Using Soothing Speech

The sound of a parent’s voice is comforting to babies, so you may want to take advantage of it when trying to make your overtired child fall to sleep. You can try singing, speaking softly, or shushing to your baby at night when putting him/her to sleep.

In addition, creating a soothing environment is another effective way on how to get an overtired newborn to sleep.

You can go for dim lights in the bedroom. Low lights have proven to help an overtired baby to know that its time to sleep.

However, it does not mean that your newborn’s room must be pitch black. You can turn off lights inside the room except the small table lamp.

You can also play soothing music to help you baby calm to sleep like jazz, classical, or new age music. Anything soft and slow can work.


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