7 Easy Steps How to Clear Up Bad Diaper Rash Fast


Diaper rash can hard to manager. Luckily, these steps can work out for every mom out there and help prevent bad diaper rash that can lead to a fugal or bacterial infection which may require medical treatment.

How to Clear Up Bad Diaper Rash Fast

#1 Begin with A Bath

This may sound counter intuitive for most mommies since moisture is usually the culprit of the bad rash. However, giving your baby a bath can help to sooth his/her skin and a good distraction from the pain of the rash.

Just make sure to get the water temperature right such as cooler that you normally do when bathing them as their skin is sensitive.

Adding baking soda can also help to neutralize that acids on your baby’s skin that may have contribution to the rash.

#2 Staying at Home

Whenever your little one has woken up with a rash, regardless of your social plan, stay at home so your baby can be diaper free. Heat, tight clothing and car seats can aggravate the rash.

Now to mention that your baby is overly sensitive and not in the good mood, so you would mot want to deal with that at the park or the shopping mall.

#3 Use Soft Blankets

When at home, look for a soft blanket to cover the floor and let your baby crawl and play around without wearing diaper. Use soft blanker to cover the chair whenever you baby needs to eat or until he/she falls asleep.

#4 Use Homemade Diaper Wipes

Never use regular diaper wipes on the sensitive skin of your toddler since they contain alcohol. Go for soft paper towels. Cut soft paper towels into half and put them inside a box with a lid and sprinkle them with water. You can use this for at least three to four days or until the rash has subside to prevent relapse.

#5 Get Loose

When diaper rash recurred, then it may the right time to move up to the next diaper size. That extra breathing room at the bottom can help clear up the rash at the bottom quickly.

#6 Keep It Dry

Aside from bathing, moisture is the number one reason for a rash. Make sure to path the bottom of your baby with a dry washcloth or tissue after every bath and during diaper change. Be sure to let your infant’s bottom air dry a few minutes before you put the diaper back on.

#7 Stay Away from Bedtime Blues

When bad diaper rash happens, overnight sis the most difficult time to keep your baby feel comfortable and you will need the best available overnight diaper rash protection.

You may want to check with your doctor the best remedy to stop irritation and keep your baby comfortable overnight.

When bad diaper rash strikes, take this as an opportunity to slow down, cuddle, and sit around with your young one. He/she will be out of diaper before you know it so the comfort you give them is the best remedy you could give at the start of the rash.


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