Can you Use Bath Bombs While Pregnant


When a woman gets pregnant, she should understand the need for all the little luxuries. These little luxuries include the belly balm, comfy body pillow that she will need to hug during nighttime and pedicures.

Can you Use Bath Bombs While Pregnant

A pregnant woman also needs to slip into warm water as it will help her to ease sore feet, back pains, and any other parts of her body that hurts. This is also considered as an old way of relaxing.

But did you know there are things that pregnant women can also use during their bath hour?

Pregnancy safe bath products

Some of the products that you can use if you are pregnant might not be safe to use. But do you have any idea about what bath bombs are? And are these bath bombs safe to use during pregnancy?

Some experts stated that the only thing you should always remember is that instead of using a squirt of shampoo or bath bombs, you should always take a look at the temperature of the water you will use. As stated by

Dr. Sherry Ross, if a pregnant woman always uses water that is extremely hot during her bath hour may cause some difficulties when she gives birth to her child.

If you took a bath during the first 20 weeks if your baby inside your womb using 89.9 Celcius of water temperature may cause defects on your baby’s memory capacity, can defect the spinal cord of your baby or worse, it may cause your miscarriage.

Advise of Dr. Sgerry Ross

As stated by Dr. Sherry Ross, if you are planning to get pregnant, you should prevent yourself from using a hot tub while taking a bath.

You should also avoid using the hot tub for the first trimester of your pregnancy to avoid your baby to have some abnormalities.

Beyond the first trimester, you should avoid taking a bath in a hot tub that has 102 degrees of water for about 10 minutes long.

It is recommended for you to use water that has the temperature that is not above 100 degrees to avoid any concerns. The personal hot tub is also recommended for pregnant women.

Fit Pregnancy

As stated by the Fit Pregnancy, it will be better for a certain pregnant woman to slip on her hot tub using her favorite bubble oil or bubble bath.

But make sure that the bubbling oil you will add to the water is in the right amount because too much oil will cause you to slip.

Bath salts are also in need to be avoided by pregnant women because salts can increase the heart rate of the mother through heating the water. It also needs for you to check all your products about its ingredients if it is harmful or harmless for you.

Harmful products should be kept until you gave birth to your newborn child.

The Fit Pregnancy organization is encouraging all the pregnant mothers to take a look at the ingredients that consists of the products they are using.

They should avoid the ingredients just like the salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These kinds of ingredients might harm your unborn baby and gave them some defects when they grow up.


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