Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding and Pumping


Pumping and breastfeeding are both genius ways to feed a baby with breast milk. The milk from the breast of a mother is a natural food that your baby is needs to have. The only way to feed your baby with your breast milk is to do the breastfeeding strategy.

breastfeeding vs pumping pros and cons

Pumping can also give lots of benefits to the health of your baby and identical to the benefits that your baby can get through breastfeeding.

Breast milk offers your baby the health benefits they needed to grow stronger, smarter and healthier.

The following are the pros and cons of using the breastfeeding way and pumping way. Which one is better to use? Let us now start. Keep on reading and enjoy!

Pros of Breastfeeding Way

Natural Feedback Loop

The production of milk usually follows a particular supply and demand’s rules. When a baby does more breastfeeding, the more milk that the breast of her mother can produce. If you allow the feedback loop of producing natural milk, you can ensure that your child will have enough amount of milk and will not experience milk oversupply on his or her tummy.

Bonding Time

Breastfeeding is also a way of having a bonding time between the mother and her newborn baby. It is because the mother and her newborn baby usually encounter a close skin to skin contact through breastfeeding. This will help both of them to learn their personalities, ways to comfort each other and many more.

Cons of Breastfeeding

Sore Nipples and Other Ailments

There are lots of mothers who are experiencing the cracked, sore and infected type of nipples after the breastfeeding session. Sore nipples can also happen when you use the pumping way. The intense sucking of your baby to your nipples makes it sore, infected or cracked.

Less Control over Timing

When a certain mother breastfeeds her baby, the role of the mother should breastfeed her baby when it is a time of breastfeeding or when it is hungry. It might be a hard time managing your time, as a mother to breastfeed your hungry baby. Take note that babies are fed when they want to, not on the right time you want to.

Pros of Pumping

Ability to Share Feedings

Pumping is one of the best ways for mothers to hire a caregiver who will take care of their baby. They could do other household chores if the mother decided to use the pumping way instead of breastfeeding.

More Breaks

The mother of the newborn baby can take advantage of using a pumping method if she is starting in coping up with sleep deprivation. It is also a hard time to recover after giving birth to your child. Through the use of pumping method, you can now take some of your time on recovering while keeping your baby fed by your milk.

Cons of Pumping

Additional Expenses

If you choose pumping instead of breastfeeding, you might purchase some pumping tools for you to pump your milk from your breast. Some of these tools are expensive.

Storage Concerns

Some mothers can pump lots and lots of milk from their breast. The breast milk will expire even if you put it inside your ref. It is also difficult on how you will store it.


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