Baby Cold Remedies : What to do if baby has a cold


 No matter, what the age of your baby is, you are always curios about his health. We all know handle a baby is difficult task. If your baby has encounter first time with cold in his first year, he will not able take a proper nap this will be the most heartbreaking thing in your life.

What to do if baby has a cold

You can do anything to make him feel better.  It is essential to keep him warm and well hydrated. In this article, I am going to tell you what to do or what not to do when your baby is suffering from cold.

Below are some of techniques you have to do when your baby has cold

  1. Keep him hydrated just like we adults babies don’t like to eat when they are sick, you have to encourage your baby to take essentials meals often as possible. If your baby doesn’t drink milk, must consult with your doctor to make sure baby doesn’t be dehydrated. Ask to offer baby an electrolyte solution. Feed baby in upright position helps to ease in congestion and prevents mucus from running when baby is try to drink.


  1. Clean baby mucus – newborn babies breathe through their nose for first six months. So congestion can harm baby and makes difficulty in breathing. Standard blue bulb is syringe can be used for cleaning the mucus. For tiniest nostrils, smaller green versions are ideal for that. Insert it into your baby nostril tilt tip down perpendicular to face, gently push it far its go. You surprised the amount of mucus get out from baby nostrils. Use saltwater for spraying on nose helps to loosen the congestion.


  1. Help your baby to cough out small babies don’t have muscle strength to caught. It makes for babies to clear phlegm. Take your baby into in air hot steamy atmosphere. This will get baby nose running and loosen mucus, which makes his coughs easily. Do it before sleeping, when mucus flows to drain into throat while he is lying down. Use a humidifier in baby room to make relief from congestion.


  1. Encourage baby for rest – when baby is sick they feel sleepier. However, this is more annoying for baby make snooze difficult. If fever makes your baby to much cranky to sleep. Consult to a doctor and then give medication.


  1. Constantly watch baby activities – if condition of your baby getting worse immediately contact to your doctor. For baby up to 3 months have 100.4 F is a time to call your doctor right away. For babies older than 6 month if fever lasts more than three days there may be chances of cold. Wheezing, strained breathing is the signs of pneumonia. If this symptoms you see in your baby don’t hesitate to concern with your doctor.


Things to do treat your baby from cold

Use saline drop in your baby’s nose to moisten the mucus makes it easier to remove. Breast feed your baby as often as possible and encourages your baby to take liquid. Use humidifier to help your babies with stuffy nose.

These are some of methods you can do when your baby has cold. Read the following tactics to cure your baby.


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